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Orchestral Conducting Course

nov 02 2017

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NEW! Orchestral Conducting Course.

The AMAmusique is offering a new ORCHESTRAL CONDUCTING COURSE course whose teacher is Sébastien Brugière.

This course is intended for amateur - pre-professional - or professional musicians and for music teachers who wish to learn the basics of  conducting or improve their conducting skills, and / or wish to conduct an orchestra or an ensemble.

# initiation
# improvement
# preparation for the admission exam in Haute Ecole de Musique.

This conducting course will focus on the main aspects related to the art of conducting : technique, interpretation, pedagogy, score study, rehearsal work,  analysis, and technical skills, etc. The goals are to learn the basics of conducting:

- technique (gesture,upbeat, independence of hands, etc.)

- methodology (lead a rehearsal, learning techniques, ...)

- score reading

The dates and schedule to be agreed between the participants and the teacher. 
Registrations all year long. Possibility of group classes and workshops.